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Collier County Residents,

It has been my pleasure to serve you as a CMCD Commissioner since 2010. Mosquito Control is very important and especially here in Florida. The recent emergence of the Zika virus and Chikungunya on the national stage have highlighted the need for responsible control treatments to protect our residents and visitors. The CMCD continues to be vigilant against mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. These diseases are spread only by mosquitoes (Zika can also be spread by bodily fluids of those infected). Did you know we have over 70 species of mosquitoes living and breeding in Florida?

Fortunately, Collier County is blessed to have a mosquito control program that is second to none in the world! We use an environmentally sound process called Integrated Mosquito Management (aka Integrated Pest Management) to first conduct surveillance and then treat only those areas where mosquitoes are present or breeding. In 2016 the District purchased state of the art equipment to began testing mosquitos (in our own lab at the Naples Airport!) from our 70+ traps for DNA of certain virus’ and diseases to hopefully prevent the spread to humans.

The District also uses specialized backpacks enabling our staff to treat site specific areas with both larvicide and adulticide when and aerial application is not practical.

I have attended national conferences by the American Mosquito Control Association. I have spent time in Washington DC to help educate the House of Representatives on specific legislative issues impacting mosquito control.

My degree in Civil Engineering helps me to understand the complex science behind our treatment processes. The fact that I own a business in Naples means that I also understand how to budget income versus expenses and to prioritize expenditures on those functions that support our core mission: To Protect the Public Health.

I have demonstrated through my actions that I am a Credible public servant and I have the Experience to represent the tax payer’s interests.

David Farmer